As every tuesday we walked around Terrassa trying to photograph our Visual Culture assigment (today was  scale contrast and colours contrast). Normally we did the assigment and the pictures doesn’t worth for anything more, but today was so sunny and the sky was so blue and everything was so colourful and beautiful that I tried to do something more and I ended with some worthful pictures.


I love trees in spring, even in the middle of the cities they looks so beautiful!



faith or not faith, that's the question

leaving at night

do you remember?


more surrealism

At the end it was a productive day, or morning!


2 Responses to Terrassa

  1. annie eames says:

    Molt bones Berta, però…el cotxe petit estava allà de casualitar?! 🙂

    • bertadp says:

      M’alegro que t’agradin 🙂
      No el cotxet el vaig posar yo, me’l van deixar a l’imaginarium del costat. La intenció de la foto era el contrast d’escala, o sigui objecte petit objecte gran i vaig pensar que el cotxet era una bona idea!

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