Black and White

I went out one afternoon to the Financial District and decided that I will only shoot in Black and White. So I changed the camera presets and started shooting and shooting just thinking about shapes and shadows, no color.

When I got back the images in Raw where in color, of course, but I turned all of them in bw. I choose the ones I was gonna edit and put the Raw setting at zero back.

Then I edit all of them in black and white. This result, hope you enjoy it!

33 st

Different styles, time and architecture



World Trade Center

Last stop:Starbucks

I took more pictures but I didn’t have time to edit all of them, hope you enjoy it!

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Let me introduce to you Li Wei.

He’s is a Chinese photographer that lives and works in Beijing. One day he woke up decided that he wanted to shoot people in the edge. In the edge of things, of life and the edge of buildings, but that could be kind of dangerous, so with the magic of photoshop we shooted the location first and after the people in studios and mix de photos together.

(This afirmations aren't made from the artist, they are just my assumptions of who we works)

"29 levels of freedom"

All started with a project, in 1999, named Mirror; and from there we played as much as we could with impossible things.

“I am on ice” Mirror Project

“Liwei falls to the Car”

“A pause for humanity 3”

"Live at the high place 2"

Enjoy the images!

What’s in your pocket?

Looking through internet I found a photography project from a Russian people: Timur Akhmetov,Yulia Yakushova; those two photographers one day decide d that they wanted to create a photo project about what the people wear in they pocket, wallets and bags. They have called it FACE YOUR POCKET PROJECT

The most curious thing of this Project is not only that they don’t take the pictures, you do; but those aren’t made with a camera, they are made with a scanner.

The instructions are simple: place your face along with the objects in your bag or pockets onto a scanner bed and scan away. They call it scanography.

Maritza Piña

Andre Proenca

The results are like those of an anthropological study! And you, what is in your pocket?

Who’d have thought that a body’s most essential belongings could say so much? Who are these people who cart Kermit dolls, sequins, and plastic animals in their purses?

Миша Яровиков

Маша Пацан

Welcome to Cafe Wha!

Thai Food

I went to a Thai Food restaurant with Guille and Risako and I took some pictures of the night, the restaurant, the subway music and the Jazz bar we went after. Enjoy it!


Music on the subway

Meet Risako

More pictures in a couple of days 🙂

Video HDR

The fellas at Soviet Montage Productions have managed to implement the HDR process in video using two professional DSLRs.  HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and it involves the process of taking multiple photographs (one underexposed, the other overexposed) and combining the best qualities from each to create the best image possible.  Sounds familiar?

HDR is been very famous in the photography field for the last couple of years.

Photographers from around the world have tried this edition, and what started as a manual thing now you can easily do with Photoshop Plugins and options. There’s been a lot of discussion about HDR and its impact on the photography, but what Soviet Montage has so impressively done is implement the HDR photography technique with video.

Using two Canon 5D MarkIIs and beam splitter, they captured video under different exposure values and used “HDR processing tools” in post to create the visually spectacular video you see above.  The production team find HDR video extremely useful; they say it can “allow for even exposure where artificial lighting is unavailable or impractical.”  The level of detail and realism is mind-boggling, isn’t it?

Subway Stories

Subway Stories are just a bunch of images of New York, with no apparent sense among them. With movement, static and full of life these images are trying to explain a day in a city.






Photoshop Pulgins

Looking around the web I found a company named Alien Skin Software. They have different plugins for Photoshop and Lihgtroom. I download the trial of most of them and tried today.

The first one, and one of the most useful, is called Bokeh 2. Bokeh 2 is a plugin that allows you to blur you images as you want to.

Not only can you choose which part of the image you want to blur but you can also change the form of the blur, radius and how it will affect your image.

ScreenShot of Bokeh 2

(Remember to click on the images for a full size view)

Picture with the bokeh 2 effect of spin 25%

In each of the plugins I’ve tried form Alien Skin the panel with the options is really large, so I won’t show all the options in pictures just the ones I used at the moment.

The rest of the plugins are more funny than really useful, at least for me, they are really good but I don’t normally apply textures to the typography and stuff and that’s what EYE Candy 6 does.

The plugin has a huge variety of textures, and I  looked at mostly of them and they seem pretty real,  but you have to know what you want because not only there’s a huge library of textures but also, once you have choose one, they have controls to change the form, the colors, the light, etc Is really fun and useful when you need textures but you have to know what you want or you will lose a lot of time trying to find something.

Library of textures

Settings of each texture

I used the texture with text

It happen the same with Exposure 3. This plugin allows you to choose like which old film you want your image look like. And again there are a lot of films, in color and in black and white, there’re also the films with grain and without and the ones with scratches and dusk.

You can choose from a huge library of old films and finished. In my case I choose a Konica film because I like the bright green it has. (If you click on the image and looked it larger you will see that it also has the texture of a film not just the colors.)

There are more types of film than the showed, and these ones are just the color ones.

Image with the Konica film effect

And the last one I tried is the Snap Art 2. This plugin converts images into drawings but its three times more accurate than the gallery filters from Photoshop and it has a really beautiful finished and setting that allow you to control all the process.

There's a huge selection about the type of drawing you want

Comic effect

It’s a bit complicated to explain all the plugins, so I recommend downloading them and trying. Some of the results may surprise you.

Any doubts or comments are always welcome!

New York, first days

Two weeks ago I move in New York for one year. It was so crazy the first days: looking for an apartment, moving in, buying furniture and stuff for the apartment, going to the university, etc

It’s like I’ve been in NY for a month and no for two weeks, and I’ve done so many things. So after all I didn’t have time to process and upload any picture.

By now these ones are the only ones I was able to do today, I hope you enjoy it.

For those who are interested I created another blog just explaining my trip to NYC, its in spanish so sorry for those who cannot understand it, its called ¡Berta esta bien! (Berta is fine) Check it out!

Guille trying the air bed

We had cheese+rice+brocoli for the first day we cook in the apartment!

2nd Av, view from our new Apartment-NIGHT

Apartment views, Titlt Fish edition