Broken Camara

What would you do if your camera brokes one day?

Mostly of us will try to repair it or simply change it for a new one.

Well Integral Lens, a flickr user, has found another way to use a broken camera. As his camera was broken he decided to try how the camera was doing pictures.

As the lens are broken they took different colors and the exposure is not right but doing long exposures with different objects he created a gallery of images that looks unique and are unedited with Photoshop.

You can take a look at his Flickr page here, and also he posted a video on Youtube where you can see how he took some pictures.



Image by Integral Lens

It makes you think of all the possibilities photography has, no?


3 Responses to Broken Camara

  1. marcelo says:

    That’s an authentic example of creative thinking!! Instead of a problem he saw an opportunity…

  2. iLens says:

    Thanks for sharing. The camera is still doing it’s magic. I plan on doing some portraits over halloween weekend. I’ll let you know when I update the flickr set.


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