More fashion Pictures i edited the last days, here the model is Rennie Sweeney and the makeup artist is Emmanuel García.

I’m still not getting used to the beauty pictures actually, I think they aren’t what I expected or maybe I wasn’t able to get the best out of them, i will have to work harder with models.

Probably next time I would get closer… I think that I could bring some power to the image because it looks too much perfect. ..

What do you think?

Model:Rennie Sweeney - Makeup Artist: Emmanuel García

Model:Rennie Sweeney - Makeup Artist: Emmanuel García

Model:Rennie Sweeney - Makeup Artist: Emmanuel García

2 Responses to Beauty

  1. marcelo says:

    Hi Berta! The pictures are so perfect!!! Maybe it´s because they are a litlle static (take it not as a judgement but simply another point of view). Personally, the pictures I love most are the one who shows me an emotion or dinamism. In other words, you see them and you can feel life in them. Perhaps they are more like advertising pictures.
    In the fashion pictures maybe you could try with models without looking straight to the camera but looking to other side like if they were busy with something else (for example looking far away or laughing with other models) and in urban spots. Maybe the main factor is what I call the “attitude”: a gesture, a smile, a glance…. I hope this could help… Marcelo

    • bertadp says:

      I agrre completly marcelo, I think the pictures had a lack of movement of expression, also I’m not used to work in so flat and difuse light that doesn’t create shadows.
      The problem is that I’m shooting in studio, the models and everything are in a studio is a class so I cannot shoot in an urban space and I don’t decide the light either.
      Each week we try to do something different, but I have more pictures that are better from other shoots.

      Thank you for your comments always.

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