Still Life Photographer – Normichi Inoguchi

It’s been a while since I didn’t post about a photographer. Is not that I stopped looking through others people pictures, is just maybe that anyone I found really impressed me.

Normally I post things when I found something on the internet that really amazes me, and I just wanted to share it with the world or in my case the few people that follow my blog.

This photographer has gained the amazing award.

His name is Normichi Inoguchi, he’s a commercial still life photographer from Japan working in NYC.

I was looking through some inspiration for my still life photography class a week ago and I found an article about him in an internet magazine.

The picture of the article was amazing so I decided to look into his site and it actually depressed me.

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Still Life photography is harder than it actually seems like, well at least good still life photography. Not only what you are photographing has to look amazing but you have to sell and idea, a commercial and you have to do it in a way that will make people not to turn the magazine page in less than 5 seconds.

As my teacher say the first class: a still life photographer has to think the entire commercial, not just the light, he has to think the whole image; because your client will pay you for your idea, not only for your knowledge of lighting.

And for me this is difficult, you can create a really good image but I wanted to create a really good commercial, have a really good idea and I was kind of stocked when I found this photographer.

Look at the webpage and tell me that he hasn’t awesome ideas.

2 Responses to Still Life Photographer – Normichi Inoguchi

  1. marcelo says:

    Berta, in time you’ll discover that in every aspect of life and design beautiful things are made of two things: innovation and traditionalism. When you combine them in equilibrium then beauty explotes. But if one of them tops the other the result is either disgusting or boring.

    Second: “in my case the few people that follow my blog”… How in hell do you know? I can’t see a counter anywhere. You can try feedjit: to put it here in wordpress as a gadget.

    Third: the galley is beatiful

    Four: visit to buy or sell things for 5 bucks!! Surely you are a rennaisence girl with many talents and could use them to have some extra money….

    Bye, Marcelo

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