United Nude

Sometimes the design of something you can actually wear comes so radical and so perfect that you wish you could buy all of them.

That’s exactly what happened to me once I found this shoe website: http://www.unitednude.com  And you will ask yourself what is so great about a shoe? It’s true that there are few designers that actually surprise and when they do, the shoe in question is so dam difficult to wear and so imperfect.

I guess that’s why United Nude caught me so easily, a mix between a shoe maker and an architect. And you can appreciate that fusion in each and every design. They are though through, they remind me of my mother years back looking at blueprints over every little detail. She often told me that a sink 1m to the right could make the kitchen less useful.

That attention to details that architects have and attention to the form and the geometry at the utility of things can be seen in each and every design of the shop.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And that detail caught my eye at the very first page. So if anyone decides to buy me ones of this for my birthday this Friday my favorite is:

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