Subway Stories

Subway Stories are just a bunch of images of New York, with no apparent sense among them. With movement, static and full of life these images are trying to explain a day in a city.






New York, first days

Two weeks ago I move in New York for one year. It was so crazy the first days: looking for an apartment, moving in, buying furniture and stuff for the apartment, going to the university, etc

It’s like I’ve been in NY for a month and no for two weeks, and I’ve done so many things. So after all I didn’t have time to process and upload any picture.

By now these ones are the only ones I was able to do today, I hope you enjoy it.

For those who are interested I created another blog just explaining my trip to NYC, its in spanish so sorry for those who cannot understand it, its called ¡Berta esta bien! (Berta is fine) Check it out!

Guille trying the air bed

We had cheese+rice+brocoli for the first day we cook in the apartment!

2nd Av, view from our new Apartment-NIGHT

Apartment views, Titlt Fish edition