As every tuesday we walked around Terrassa trying to photograph our Visual Culture assigment (today was  scale contrast and colours contrast). Normally we did the assigment and the pictures doesn’t worth for anything more, but today was so sunny and the sky was so blue and everything was so colourful and beautiful that I tried to do something more and I ended with some worthful pictures.


I love trees in spring, even in the middle of the cities they looks so beautiful!



faith or not faith, that's the question

leaving at night

do you remember?


more surrealism

At the end it was a productive day, or morning!


Recorriendo Barcelona

I went to a photo trip two starurdays ago with guille and  Oscar Rocca , a great photographer that owns the most incredible collection of pinhole, polaroids and film camaras I ever seen!
We spend one saturday taking pictures in different places of Barcelona and he bought me this amazing blue evil!

I’m falling in love with strange and weird clouds lately.

My shoes are better!

Oscar took a picture of guillermo and my shoes with and instant pinhole and I took a picture of the picture with guillermo shoes and a plastic we used for playing.

Super evil man!

The super evil! I love that toy!

painted shoes

imaginary polaroid

All the  photos  were taken with a digital camara (I took several ones with film too but I’m still waiting for the development) so I made all the effect with photoshop, what do you think?


A couple of weeks ago I did a fashion editorial for a bookclub in the United States.

The editorial was meant to be a number of pictures with a female model and books. She was supposed to interact with the books not just in the normal way like reading, but each one of the image has to have the books and she with a fashion outfit. An each one must be different.

We made the editorial in an urban space in Barcelona, a square  near the beach. We had the common issue of photographing outdoors: the sun, in some images it was too hard, in anothers too hide and of course after 5 o’clock of the afternoon it was gone. We also have trouble with all the material because we had to let it in the middle of the street, and some issues about where the model would change and make-up. We’re lucky in that aspect because a restaurant in the same square let us to use the invalid toilet as a make-up changing room.

At the end the session was really good and I really enjoyed.

I took mostly of the photos helped by David Company. The model, Anna Alsius, I already worked with her and is always a pleasure to do it. The same thing happens with the make-up artist, Carmina Camps. I’m always happy to work with such a great group of people!

Here are some of the pictures I did and edited, there’re some I already have to but I’m having no time right now!

Waitnig the bus


The green dress


While the makeup artist was doing her job I took a couple of shoots with my fisheye film camara about the place we’re shooting on: Barceloneta market

Get the film developed two days ago.


Market fusion


Tea House

Hace unas semanas hice mi primer trabajo sobre comidas y bebidas en una casa de te en Sabadell, España.

Necessitaban unas fotos para hacer targetas y usarlas como imagen de la tienda y degustación de te, asi que me presenté en la tienda con un flash profilux de estudio, unos cuantos tripodes  y un pantallazo difusor para fotografiar todo lo que encontraba.

No sabia muy bien que me hacia pero despues de llegar y hacer unas imagenes de prueba, instale las luces y me puse a ello!

Decidí hacerlas todas en el mismo sitio ya que me gustaba mucho la mesa con los cajones, fui cambiando el punto de vista un poco para permitir que los objetos se vieran mas o menos y jugue con la composición de los objetos encima de la mesa.

En la edición de las imágenes intenté ponerles mucho contraste, sobretodo en la madera para resaltarla, sin quemar las partes blancas y edite los colores para que se vieran lo mas reales y apetecibles posibles.

EL resultado es este.


Some weeks ago I did my first work about drink and food in a tea shop in Sabadell, Spain.They needed some photos to make business cards and to use them as their logo.

So I went there with a studio profilux flash, some tripods and a difusor to photograph everything I could find. I didn’t know exactly what to do, but after some trial photos I set up the lights and I started working.

I decided to do them all on the same place, for I liked a lot the table with its drawers. I slightly changed my point of view so the different objects could look more or less visible, and I played with the objects composition on the table.

In the images edition I tried to contrast them a lot, so I could highlight the wood without burning the white parts. I also edited the colours to make them look as real and appealing as possible.

This is the result:

Sweet tea

Chocolate with croissants

Un Suis si us plau!

Xapata de pa amb tomaquet i pernil

cookies and cakes

Tea boxes

Tea place


gallery of art

El sitio se puede encontrar en la calle St.Quirze de Sabadell.

Espero que os hayan gustado.

Sentios libres de preguntar culaquier duda  o escribir un comentario, son  siempre bienvendios.

You can found the place in St.Quirze street in Sabadell.

I hope you would like it.

Feel free to ask anything o post a comment, they’re always welcome.