Snowing In New York

Last week it snowed a lot in New York, in one sunday the whole city turned whiter and whiter.

I took several pictures the same sunday at night of the streets near my place, and took a photographic trip around New York next morning to see and capture how was the city.

There is still plenty of snow on the streets, but is melting a little each day.

Enjoy the images!



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Recorriendo Barcelona, Part II

As I promise here comes the second part of the “Recorriendo Barcelona” we finished our personal trip in the beach of Barcelona and made some great pictures. I totally fall in love with the rocks of the beach and played with them as much as I can.


instant CSI

dreamed boat

waving waving waving

Rocca Stones

Let me  introduce Oscar Rocca, he took all the polaroid images and pinhole ones and also the one who came with the idea of the little photo trip.




I took some photos of my friends in our favourite coffee shop in Terrassa:Milk and Zucher,m with my fisheye film camera trying new types of developing and expose.

Yellow laia blue marta

I burned the half of the image and this was the result

Double laia

Two images in one, the images were mixed with photoshop


Andorra in Fisheye

Been snowing in Andorra for two days.

I brought my film fisheye camara with me and took several pictures of the landscape.


Just felt down

Clara Jorba


El señor cabezon

Berta snowing


More photos in my flickr page.

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