Recorriendo Barcelona, Part II

As I promise here comes the second part of the “Recorriendo Barcelona” we finished our personal trip in the beach of Barcelona and made some great pictures. I totally fall in love with the rocks of the beach and played with them as much as I can.


instant CSI

dreamed boat

waving waving waving

Rocca Stones

Let me  introduce Oscar Rocca, he took all the polaroid images and pinhole ones and also the one who came with the idea of the little photo trip.



Recorriendo Barcelona

I went to a photo trip two starurdays ago with guille and  Oscar Rocca , a great photographer that owns the most incredible collection of pinhole, polaroids and film camaras I ever seen!
We spend one saturday taking pictures in different places of Barcelona and he bought me this amazing blue evil!

I’m falling in love with strange and weird clouds lately.

My shoes are better!

Oscar took a picture of guillermo and my shoes with and instant pinhole and I took a picture of the picture with guillermo shoes and a plastic we used for playing.

Super evil man!

The super evil! I love that toy!

painted shoes

imaginary polaroid

All the  photos  were taken with a digital camara (I took several ones with film too but I’m still waiting for the development) so I made all the effect with photoshop, what do you think?