Colourful Surrealism

Mirando algunos fotógrafos por internet he encontrado a Greg Kadel, un fotógrafo de moda que trabaja sobre todo para la revista Número y para diferentes publicaciones de Vogue.

Su trabajo me ha llamado la atención al fijarme en las modelos, sus poses y gestos son en cada foto perfectos y estudiados hasta el mínimo detalle sin que parezcan forzados. Las poses, gestos y expresiones de una modelo tienen mucho peso en una imagen y muchas veces se nos olvida lo difícil que es conseguir la perfecta expresión o decirle a la modelo como debe moverse y actuar para que la sesión resulte satisfactoria.

Greg Kadel es un ejemplo de cómo la práctica y el ingenio pueden hacer que los modelos den lo mejor de sí mismos.

Os recomiendo que echéis un vistazo a su página y también a sus videos, son una fuente de inspiración asegurada.


Looking some pictures on the internet I found Greg Kadel, a fashion photographer who works mainly for the magazine “Número” and different publications of Vogue.

His work has caught my attention for the models, their poses and gestures are perfect and studied in each photo to the smallest detail without looking unnatural. The poses, gestures and expressions of a model can have a heavy weigh on images and sometimes we forget how hard it is to get the perfect expression or tell models how they should move and act for the session is satisfactory.

Greg Kadel is an example of how practice and ingenuity can make models give the best of them.

I recommend taking a look at his page and also his videos; they are a source of secure inspiration.

copyright © 2010 greg kadel studios. all rights reserved

copyright © 2010 greg kadel studios. all rights reserved.

copyright © 2010 greg kadel studios. all rights reserved.

copyright © 2010 greg kadel studios. all rights reserved.

copyright © 2010 greg kadel studios. all rights reserved.

copyright © 2010 greg kadel studios. all rights reserved.

copyright © 2010 greg kadel studios. all rights reserved.

copyright © 2010 greg kadel studios. all rights reserved.


No one else

Last post I was presenting you four great photographers I follow in flickr for a long time ago because their job was really good.

This time I would like to introduce a photographer from my contact word,  I’ve a word document with a list of the photographers I like the most and the ones  their job always inspired me.  I know this one for a really short time but his work is so different from what I’m used to and so beautiful at the same time that I loved from the beggining, his name is Atton Conrad. Mostly of the people know him for a shot he did: light graffitti fashion, but if you keep looking on his work there’s a lot more.

I love the way he tooks a normal image and turns into something unique and special, it makes me want to start planning different shots at the same time.

Enjoy his images!

copyright 2010 Atton Conrad Photographer

I was amazed when I read that the colours of this image were taken with the camara and lights and that they weren’t made with photoshop.

Copyright 2010 Atton Conrad Photographer

Copyright 2010 Atton Conrad Photography


Welcome to a dream place

I usually post my images here and talk about photography and how I made or edit images. And well today I was thinking about what I can post and I realized I never told why I start this blog in the first place: I started because I love photography! Not just taking photos and edit them but also look at others photographers, their photos and their stories, the ones that explain how they took the image or edit or simply why they like it. So I decided to do the same, to have a place where I can share everything I like about photography.

Why I’m writting this? Because I also realized that I never showed their work, the photos of those photographers who amazed me with their pictures and stories. So for today this post is gonna be about them. I hope you enjoyed their pictures as much as I do.

Derek Wood

I’ve been following his work even before I got a flickr account. I totally love his images, the colours, the model and how he get those expressions, the composition, and I could go on, but the best is to look at this work because it talks for itself.

Johanna Williams


Also check his flickr page and tumblr

Courtney Jade

One of the myths in photography is that wedding and celebration photographers are the ones that weren’t good enough for fashion or advertising. Everyone has heard that,  and I used to believe it but then I found courtney jade. She photograph wedding, newborn, couples, etc and her photos are so beautiful so full of love that totally dismiss the myth, she is really talented and I admire how she can interact with the people and get the best of themselves.

Melissa & Mark

Brian & Lea

You can see more pictures in here web page and follow here in facebook!

Edu Gómez

He’s a spanish photographer that lives in Malaga. I’ve been following his work since the first week I had a flickr account. His work is amazing not just the expression he gets from the models but also the edition process. I’m fascineted with the colours of his photos and the texture of the fabrics, skins, etc.


in love with the colours

Carmen I

If you look at his flickr page or his blog you would see a lot of more images.

Keaton Andrew

And the last one but not the least, Keaton Andrew a photographer from Atlanta that  specializes in photographing music groups. I like how each photo for each group is different from the others, he have a really good way to photography them in situations that you would never imagine.

DeadBuryDead "Last Man Standing"

Breathe Carolina (Fearless Records)

You can see more of his work in his flickr page.