More fashion Pictures i edited the last days, here the model is Rennie Sweeney and the makeup artist is Emmanuel García.

I’m still not getting used to the beauty pictures actually, I think they aren’t what I expected or maybe I wasn’t able to get the best out of them, i will have to work harder with models.

Probably next time I would get closer… I think that I could bring some power to the image because it looks too much perfect. ..

What do you think?

Model:Rennie Sweeney - Makeup Artist: Emmanuel García

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Red Paris

Second beauty shoot I did in New York, I’m getting stucked with the edition process.

The makeup artist is Emmanuel García and the model Laura Volpacchio, I tried to get a brutal red in the picture and keep the soft light it has.

What do you think?

Model: Laura Volpacchio - Makeup Artist: Emanuel Garcia


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Broken Camara

What would you do if your camera brokes one day?

Mostly of us will try to repair it or simply change it for a new one.

Well Integral Lens, a flickr user, has found another way to use a broken camera. As his camera was broken he decided to try how the camera was doing pictures.

As the lens are broken they took different colors and the exposure is not right but doing long exposures with different objects he created a gallery of images that looks unique and are unedited with Photoshop.

You can take a look at his Flickr page here, and also he posted a video on Youtube where you can see how he took some pictures.


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Second shoot I did with Joanne Dedabide and Emmanuel García. I didn’t had so much time to shoot so there are only a few images but I totally love the lisptick!

Model:Joanne F.Dedabide - Makeup Artist:Emanuel Garcia

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Delis, Wright y Central Park


green cake



Food sellers on the street


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I did a beauty shoot last tuesday with a really beautiful models and a great makeup artist.

In this serie the model is Joanne F.Dedabide and the makeup artist is Emanuel Garcia, it was apleasure to work with them.

Check the pictures and tell me what you think!

Model:Joanne F.Dedabide - Makeup Artist:Emanuel Garcia

Model:Joanne F.Dedabide - Makeup Artist:Emanuel Garcia

Model:Joanne F.Dedabide - Makeup Artist:Emanuel Garcia

Model:Joanne F.Dedabide - Makeup Artist:Emanuel Garcia

I did a Black and White version of this image, is quite out of the look of the shoot but I like it how it turned out, you can check it in my Flickr account:

Model:Joanne F.Dedabide - Makeup Artist:Emanuel Garcia

And as and ending a picture of Joanne and Laura Zaporojan, they look lovely.

Model:Laura Zaporojan and Joanne F.Dedabide - Makeup Artist:Emanuel Garcia


Let me introduce to you Li Wei.

He’s is a Chinese photographer that lives and works in Beijing. One day he woke up decided that he wanted to shoot people in the edge. In the edge of things, of life and the edge of buildings, but that could be kind of dangerous, so with the magic of photoshop we shooted the location first and after the people in studios and mix de photos together.

(This afirmations aren't made from the artist, they are just my assumptions of who we works)

"29 levels of freedom"

All started with a project, in 1999, named Mirror; and from there we played as much as we could with impossible things.

“I am on ice” Mirror Project

“Liwei falls to the Car”

“A pause for humanity 3”

"Live at the high place 2"

Enjoy the images!

What’s in your pocket?

Looking through internet I found a photography project from a Russian people: Timur Akhmetov,Yulia Yakushova; those two photographers one day decide d that they wanted to create a photo project about what the people wear in they pocket, wallets and bags. They have called it FACE YOUR POCKET PROJECT

The most curious thing of this Project is not only that they don’t take the pictures, you do; but those aren’t made with a camera, they are made with a scanner.

The instructions are simple: place your face along with the objects in your bag or pockets onto a scanner bed and scan away. They call it scanography.

Maritza Piña

Andre Proenca

The results are like those of an anthropological study! And you, what is in your pocket?

Who’d have thought that a body’s most essential belongings could say so much? Who are these people who cart Kermit dolls, sequins, and plastic animals in their purses?

Миша Яровиков

Маша Пацан

Subway Stories

Subway Stories are just a bunch of images of New York, with no apparent sense among them. With movement, static and full of life these images are trying to explain a day in a city.






Colourful Surrealism

Mirando algunos fotógrafos por internet he encontrado a Greg Kadel, un fotógrafo de moda que trabaja sobre todo para la revista Número y para diferentes publicaciones de Vogue.

Su trabajo me ha llamado la atención al fijarme en las modelos, sus poses y gestos son en cada foto perfectos y estudiados hasta el mínimo detalle sin que parezcan forzados. Las poses, gestos y expresiones de una modelo tienen mucho peso en una imagen y muchas veces se nos olvida lo difícil que es conseguir la perfecta expresión o decirle a la modelo como debe moverse y actuar para que la sesión resulte satisfactoria.

Greg Kadel es un ejemplo de cómo la práctica y el ingenio pueden hacer que los modelos den lo mejor de sí mismos.

Os recomiendo que echéis un vistazo a su página y también a sus videos, son una fuente de inspiración asegurada.


Looking some pictures on the internet I found Greg Kadel, a fashion photographer who works mainly for the magazine “Número” and different publications of Vogue.

His work has caught my attention for the models, their poses and gestures are perfect and studied in each photo to the smallest detail without looking unnatural. The poses, gestures and expressions of a model can have a heavy weigh on images and sometimes we forget how hard it is to get the perfect expression or tell models how they should move and act for the session is satisfactory.

Greg Kadel is an example of how practice and ingenuity can make models give the best of them.

I recommend taking a look at his page and also his videos; they are a source of secure inspiration.

copyright © 2010 greg kadel studios. all rights reserved

copyright © 2010 greg kadel studios. all rights reserved.

copyright © 2010 greg kadel studios. all rights reserved.

copyright © 2010 greg kadel studios. all rights reserved.

copyright © 2010 greg kadel studios. all rights reserved.

copyright © 2010 greg kadel studios. all rights reserved.

copyright © 2010 greg kadel studios. all rights reserved.

copyright © 2010 greg kadel studios. all rights reserved.