Video HDR

The fellas at Soviet Montage Productions have managed to implement the HDR process in video using two professional DSLRs.  HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and it involves the process of taking multiple photographs (one underexposed, the other overexposed) and combining the best qualities from each to create the best image possible.  Sounds familiar?

HDR is been very famous in the photography field for the last couple of years.

Photographers from around the world have tried this edition, and what started as a manual thing now you can easily do with Photoshop Plugins and options. There’s been a lot of discussion about HDR and its impact on the photography, but what Soviet Montage has so impressively done is implement the HDR photography technique with video.

Using two Canon 5D MarkIIs and beam splitter, they captured video under different exposure values and used “HDR processing tools” in post to create the visually spectacular video you see above.  The production team find HDR video extremely useful; they say it can “allow for even exposure where artificial lighting is unavailable or impractical.”  The level of detail and realism is mind-boggling, isn’t it?