Snowing In New York

Last week it snowed a lot in New York, in one sunday the whole city turned whiter and whiter.

I took several pictures the same sunday at night of the streets near my place, and took a photographic trip around New York next morning to see and capture how was the city.

There is still plenty of snow on the streets, but is melting a little each day.

Enjoy the images!



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The other day I was looking through some videos of masters in photography, some interviews and I caught one of Ralph Gisbon.

Ralph Gisbon is a known photographer of portraits and life, his images are controversial, full of dramatist, movement and life. His portraits are addictive and sometimes you can feel embarrassed but you cannot stop looking at them, they have a lot of power.

In this video, you can see it beneath, he answers question about his photography, how he started, why he shoot in film, who admires, etc but the answer that got me was when the interviewer asked him why he shoot in black and white.

He could have answered that because he likes, because it creates tension and contrast, but his answer really get my think:

Keep reading to see the video and my own images!

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More fashion Pictures i edited the last days, here the model is Rennie Sweeney and the makeup artist is Emmanuel García.

I’m still not getting used to the beauty pictures actually, I think they aren’t what I expected or maybe I wasn’t able to get the best out of them, i will have to work harder with models.

Probably next time I would get closer… I think that I could bring some power to the image because it looks too much perfect. ..

What do you think?

Model:Rennie Sweeney - Makeup Artist: Emmanuel García

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Red Paris

Second beauty shoot I did in New York, I’m getting stucked with the edition process.

The makeup artist is Emmanuel García and the model Laura Volpacchio, I tried to get a brutal red in the picture and keep the soft light it has.

What do you think?

Model: Laura Volpacchio - Makeup Artist: Emanuel Garcia


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Second shoot I did with Joanne Dedabide and Emmanuel García. I didn’t had so much time to shoot so there are only a few images but I totally love the lisptick!

Model:Joanne F.Dedabide - Makeup Artist:Emanuel Garcia

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She’s a super hero

I did a beauty shoot last tuesday with a really beautiful models and a great makeup artist.

In this serie the model is Laura Volpacchio and the makeup artist is Emanuel Garcia.

The edition is quite Sin City style, I thought it really fits with her.

Check the pictures and tell me what you think!


Model: Laura Volpacchio - Makeup Artist: Emanuel Garcia


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Delis, Wright y Central Park


green cake



Food sellers on the street


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El otro día estaba yo leyendo unos artículos en y me encontré con este: El artículo habla de cómo crear un bokeh creativo con tu cámara, en otras palabras crear un desenfoque con formas geométricas.

Y no entendí cómo funcionaba, en realidad sigo sin entender cómo funciona, pero decidí probarlo. Me compre una cartulina y recorte un círculo para mi objetivo de 50mm y en medio del círculo una estrella. Lo pegué al objetivo con cinta de papel e hice un par de fotos.



Apartment 8b with stars


Como veis al desenfocar la imagen, hay estrellas, pero no muchas realmente. Supuse que era porque el invento funcionaba mejor con luces aisladas, y así es, y con más fuerza, en otras palabras: de noche.

Así que decidí salir de noche a sacar un par de fotos y como necesitaba luces pensé que Times Square era lo suyo. El experimento fue de lo más divertido, saqué muchas fotos, algunas ya se ven todas iguales; pero sigo sin saber muy bien cómo funciona porque como veréis en una de las imágenes si enfocas el sujeto este aparece enfocado y sin estrellitas.

¡En fin os dejo con Stars in Times Square, espero que os gusten!


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Black and White

I went out one afternoon to the Financial District and decided that I will only shoot in Black and White. So I changed the camera presets and started shooting and shooting just thinking about shapes and shadows, no color.

When I got back the images in Raw where in color, of course, but I turned all of them in bw. I choose the ones I was gonna edit and put the Raw setting at zero back.

Then I edit all of them in black and white. This result, hope you enjoy it!

33 st

Different styles, time and architecture



World Trade Center

Last stop:Starbucks

I took more pictures but I didn’t have time to edit all of them, hope you enjoy it!

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Welcome to Cafe Wha!

Thai Food

I went to a Thai Food restaurant with Guille and Risako and I took some pictures of the night, the restaurant, the subway music and the Jazz bar we went after. Enjoy it!


Music on the subway

Meet Risako

More pictures in a couple of days 🙂